Monday, November 28, 2011

Speaking in Tongues

Christy Langer

Urs Fischer
Audrey Kawasaki
Fuco Ueda
Hayv Kahraman
Riikka Sormunen
Kat Gun
Anton Kannemeyer & Conrad Botes
Alvaro Tapia
AJ Fosik
Petrina Hicks
E.V. Day
Martin Colairo
Piero Fornasetti
Yuka Yamaguchi
Heiko Muller

Tongues are rather strange. Like a hidden tentacle, they are the only organ that can pop out of the body from the inside. There are a plethora of associations tied to tongues; the gentle lick of a lioness and her cub, a tongue of fire that can be ablaze with hurtful words. Hidden in their symbolism is the power to nurture or destroy us. The child-like act of sticking out one's tongue is a subtle act of rebellion or resistance to conform. Embedded in their imagery is perhaps an archetypal link to creation. It was the Egyptian Creator, Ptah, who manifested the world he had incubated in his heart only when he spoke it out loud with his tongue. 

 Haiku by Bruce Edmonds

Even the dark mouth 
of a falling wave, speaks with
a tongue of moonlight